Virginia Salazar + Red fruits (250gr)

Country :
Flavor profile :
Black currant, sparkling wine, red grapes, karkade
Processing :
Anaerobic natural 72hrs
+ wine yeast & red fruits.
Then pulped and dried like honey
(We don’t know how to name it;)
Variety :
Pink Bourbon
Roasting :
Score :
Our recipe for V60 :
• Grind size on EK43 – 8,3;
• 15,5g of coffee;
• 260g of water, temperature: 98℃;
• 50g of water – bloom for 30 seconds;
• +50g of water at 0:30;
• +50g of water at 1:00;
• +50g of waster at 1:30;
• +60g of water at 2:00.
Comment from the roaster (V60) :
“Pink Bourbon, 72 hours of dry anaerobic fermentation with the addition of wine yeast and red fruits. After that, the cherries were depulped and dried like raisins. As a result, we have something very similar to sangria, and overall, it’s not really clear how it relates to coffee 🌝.
As far as flavor, you’ll find black currant, sparkling wine, red grapes, hibiscus, and unforgettable impressions✨.”
  • Filter
  • Beans
  • Cezve (Ibrik)
  • Home espresso coffee machine
  • Espresso
  • V-60
  • Aeropress
  • Filter
  • French press
  • Chemex
  • Moka pot
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Beans, Cezve (Ibrik), Home espresso coffee machine, Espresso, V-60, Aeropress, Filter, French press, Chemex, Moka pot