Chelbessa Gr. 1 (250gr)

Country :
Flavor profile :
Black tea, bergamot, lemon, Baileys, apricot
Processing :
Carbonic maceration. Then depulped and dried like washed
Variety :
Jarc varieties
Roasting :
Score :
Our recipe for V60 :
• Grind size EK43 – 8;
• 16g of coffee;
• 260g of water, temperature 98℃;
• Pour 50g of water, bloom for 30 seconds;
• Pour 70g of water until 1:05;
• Pour 70g of water till 1:55;
• Pour 70g of water;
• Total time 3:15.
Comment from the roaster (V60) :
“First, this coffee was processed by carbonic maceration method (coffee farmers borrowed this method from their winemaking brothers. The coffee cherries are closed in an airtight environment, with oxygen being displaced by carbon dioxide. This method develops more complex acidity and sweetness). After that, the bean went through the normal washed process. It turned out to be very interesting. A classic Ethiopian profile with a twist.”
  • Filter
  • Beans
  • Cezve (Ibrik)
  • Home espresso coffee machine
  • Espresso
  • V-60
  • Aeropress
  • Filter
  • French press
  • Chemex
  • Moka pot
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Beans, Cezve (Ibrik), Home espresso coffee machine, Espresso, V-60, Aeropress, Filter, French press, Chemex, Moka pot