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"In most cases, here’s likely to be written a text, saying that we are centuries old high-tech company with a long story of approach and market leadership. Phenomenal facts about how we use nanotechnology with our left hand, same time as we pet the geisha bush on our farm with our right."

In fact, we are micro roasters, a small group of people, who love coffee, trips and experiments. Sometimes, we manage to produce and to bring something interesting.

Just a few important things you should know about us:

-We enjoy sweets.Too much

-As well as doing things in our own way

Combining these two passions with our coffee addiction and internal perfectionism, we started the hunt for the sweetest range ever existed.

Turn water into wine, we have not learned yet.

Nevertheless, ripe coffee berries in fermented - we managed to turn.

Fermented coffee berries into dried.

And green coffee beans into roasted.

And roasted coffee into a cup of a filter coffee.

Or Easy Drips , for example, with our experimental roasting profiles from Honduras, those that can be brewed anywhere and without any special device.

Damn, Cool, isn't it?

It's not just a hint, it’s just one more proof to you about the existence of magic outside Hogwarts.

Stay mad. Respect quality.